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Hamish | 19 | Melbourne |

The University of Melbourne.
Currently MIA in Paris
I adore writing, skating, and Nirvana.
What I'm listening to right now
Instagram: 15piecesofflare
Master Assassin

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UP THE ROOS!!! #richmonddidntmakeit #goroos #northmelbourne
The boys @methylenedioxymethylcathinone And #jasondoesnthaveinstagram 😎

I haven’t used Tumblr to rant about being sad in years.
But I am very sad, and very lonely again and everything sucks.

Two men. One hobbit. One loss. 20 hours in a car.

Up the mighty #tigers 🐯🐯🐯

It has arrived. @theventura @aarnjmes @jlstace 🙏🙏🙏
The boys off camping. 🍃🏄
@sighcology is a tipsy unit. #uniparty
Beautiful day, beautiful coffee at my beautiful university 🌞✌️