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Hamish | 19 | Melbourne |

The University of Melbourne.
Currently MIA in Paris
I adore writing, skating, and Nirvana.
What I'm listening to right now
Instagram: 15piecesofflare
Master Assassin

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@sighcology is a tipsy unit. #uniparty
Beautiful day, beautiful coffee at my beautiful university 🌞✌️
Look what happened. #richmond #gotiges
@sighcology is an idiot.
What a dickhead.
Dinner dates at work with bae @aarnjmes #mandate
Seeing French films and being cultured and things.




why has there been an influx of people following my old URL…



What’s your old url

That was my old URL lmao this is my new one

Looking intensely. 📷 saramonasaid by  space-giant
@charlieschieh for coffee hangs 😎