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Hamish | 19 | Melbourne |

The University of Melbourne.
Currently MIA in Paris
I adore writing, skating, and Nirvana.
What I'm listening to right now
Instagram: 15piecesofflare
Master Assassin

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Best hangs with main GURL @shitgab #legalhangs

some people are the flakiest motherfuckers

Best friend selfies 😎 #happyasaclam #jameson 😍
Go tiges! #gotiges #enroutetogame
Trolled by google translate. Damn it.
Pop punk BBQ @aarnjmes @_maddawg__ @mooks182 😎😎😎
#wasenateelectionwatch . Drinking games and watching the WA Senate election. 😎😎😎
A very well deserved after work drink. #hellyeah #longday
Them #poppunk chills 😎🍁 @aarnjmes
Starbucks actually spelt my name right. The end is nigh. #starbucks